We like to get hands-on and involved in every aspect of a project to make sure your creative vision is carried out to the end result. We like to work alongside you creatively and strategically to bring your craziest vision to life. If you have an idea and want it carried out, get in touch. The crazier, the better.


We also offer listed services underneath. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick chat or question at: post (a) deadpop.no


Your brand defines you as an artist, and you should control that definition. Your brand is how your audience sees you, how they experience your music. The stories you tell and that you write, the graphics and visuals – every bit you share of yourself is a part of your brand. We’ll help you define and grow an audience, whether that be through a single project or something bigger. What you already do is probably amazing. Let us help you stand out and make your vision a reality.


As a creative, you need creative marketing. We find innovative ways to market your ideas and projects, so it reaches like-minded people. It’s important to us that we’re loyal to how you want to present your craft. We help you build a following, reach publications, and sell your product. Through conversations and data, we develop ideas, content and a target group to build your audience. We don't always aim to reach everyone, but always the right people.


From music videos to festivals, we help develop your ideas from inception to reality. We help visualize your ideas and build the right team to develop them, keeping the project on track and on budget. We help you work out the fine details of your plan and fix problems along the way to make sure the final product is true to your vision.

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